Hello, I am Elmira Khafizova.
10 facts about me.

1. I am a homeopath - I love complicated things. Graduated from Middlesex University (BSc Hon) and dozens of webinars and courses.

2. Preventive nutritionist - MIIN. Nutrition is the key to a healthy lifestyle. "We can't build a house without bricks."

3. Detox therapist – We are living on the Earth with pesticides, walking under the clouds with toxic elements, breathing the air with cadmium and mercury, drinking the water with aluminum and arsenic. Unfortunately, toxins are the main block and catalyst of all diseases.

4. Health-coach - healthy lifestyle, healthy lifestyle, and healthy lifestyle ... by 80%, you can "fool around" for the remaining 20%.

5. I am the mother of 3 children. Children brought me to homeopathy, pushed me to look at life from the other side. And, of course, they are my first patients, testers, evaluators.

6. Founder of https://askforhomeopath.com. I am proud of my 4th baby.

7. Author of the 4 books

SUMMER (infection, Coxsackie virus, motion sickness, jet lags, injuries)
SCHOOL (fear, anxiety, nervous exhaustion, exams, headaches, migraines)
BITES (bees, mosquitoes, fleas, tick-borne encephalitis, lime disease )
ALLERGY. PRACTICAL GUIDE (homeopathy, nutritional medicine, yoga, healthy house - first aid for allergies).

8. Herbs - I just love it. I plant, collect, ferment.

9. I also love to cook. I always try something new.

10. I love the positive waves! - It doesn't matter where and how do you meet it. It can be a beautiful picture, a movie, or a good weather. Anything can bring you positive vibes!