Traditional Chinese Medicine
The 5 elements
Liver, heart, stomach, lungs, kidneys
According to traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), the theory of 5 elements explains the balance of opposites and changes in our body.

The 5 elements - Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water - take into account the connections of seasons, climate, development, internal organs, cells, emotions, taste, colour, sound, time ... etc.

Inside the elements, everything is connected. Energy moves around. We can use the law of nature for healing and restoring the balance of the body.
The principle of interconnection is applicable to our body. For example, the internal organ of the kidney is associated with the development of bones / teeth, ears, love of salty food, knees, heels / feet.


According to TCM, liver health depends on our emotions (stress, anger). If you suppressed resentment or anger, the liver will let you know about it. The eyes are the liver from the "outside" (remember that hepatitis is visible in the whites of the eyes). If you have problems with the eyes - red, dry eyes, "veil" in front of the eyes, then there are violations in the liver. Read more about the health of the liver and organs associated with it.


True heart health is not just his good physical condition, it is satisfied with life and destiny. Happiness and love are associated with the heart. Stress or a lack of self-expression affects heart health. The heart is the king of all organs, i.e. all organs, regardless of their condition, will always support the heart. Learn more about the heart and relationships with other organs.


According to TCM, the stomach (and its partner, the spleen) are most prone to excitement, anxiety, and excessive deliberation. The stomach is responsible not only for the digestion of food, but also for the "digestion" of thoughts and emotions. Leave that which "feeds" you (positive and good), and let go of "everything bad." More on the stomach and relationships with other organs.


A lot of grief and sadness leads to lung problems, and problems with its partner the large intestine. "Letting go" of negative emotions is a natural method of restoring lung balance. Skin and nose are the external organs of the lungs and large intestine. Read more about the lungs and relationships with other organs.


The kidneys are a backup energy generator. The kidneys send Chi energy to all organs. The kidneys are associated with emotions of fear. The kidney's partner is the bladder. If you suffer from earaches, the cause may be hiding in kidney dysfunction. Read more about the kidneys and relationships with other organs.