Vaccines, Heavy Metals, Glyphosate, Celiac, and Gluten Sensitivity

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You do need a homeo detox if...
Detox, homeopathy, and other stuff...

Detox is a fashionable word. Every CAM (Complementary and alternative medicine) specialist has a Detox programme.

However, ask yourself «Do you need a detox?» or «Does your body toxic?»
If you are happy and in harmony with your body, more toxic substances do not need in any detox.

Nevertheless, if you are exhausted, has no energy, to no appetite, suffer from headaches, has a chronic disease etc., you need to do a detox!

Next question to ask yourself: are you ready for the detox right now? Is it a right time?
For example, if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, it is not a good time for the detox. Any cleaning means that more toxic substances will be released to your and your baby blood flow.

However, it is the right time to do a detox preconceiving. You can avoid many problems during pregnancy and in the early years of the child if you do a detox preconceiving.

For example, there is an immunization to the foetus concerning to miasms, a genetic predisposition that we carry from our ancestors. Homeopathy can hardly be successful in adult age to correct, for example, dysplasia of a bone tissue. However, it is very prosperous in embryogenesis.

A lot of people are doing a detox and then re-toxing again… if you are thinking about detox, think about it as a new world, new changes in life which should be constant, not short.

  • First, think about a good nutrition. You can start by buying organic food (which mean no antibiotics and no hormones inside). Any GMO (Genetically modified food) was designed to be able to uphold a higher use of pesticides, especially glyphosate. In addition, glyphosate correlates with various conditions including autism. Therefore, it is very important to eat clean food and drink clean water.

  • Next step - things we are addicted to. Alcohol, sugar, drugs… From the homeopathic point of view, it is a miasm (passed from generation to generation), which we inherited in our genes. Homeopath tries to find the reason: Why are we addicted to them? Is there are something that you are unhappy with? Homeopath always tries to find the root cause. In that case, the constitutional treatment may help.

  • Drugs, vaccines, and medications are another toxic areas of our life. People do a detox by CEASE (Complete Elimination of Autistic Spectrum Expression) after vaccination and heavy medications.

Do not try to do a homeopathic detox by yourself! It is important to find a specialist, who can lead you through the detox way of healing. If you concern about the finances, please look at the student homeopathic clinic (I can advise London or New York). Usually, they are working at a reduced cost.


Nux Vomica is number one in liver support. Moreover, the liver is the main detoxifying organ.

Chamomilla is good if you are addicted to a coffee/cigarette. Irritable person.

Milk Thistle and Dandelion are tinctures to support the liver during the detox process. It is good to alternate them.

According to Chinese Medicine, spring is a good season for liver detox.

In addition, homeopathy has good drainage remedies. For example, bowel nosodes are good to restore the gut flora after the using of antibiotics.

There are good addiction remedies as well. For example, Saccharinum Officianale is good for sugar addicted.

Speaking about detox, Thuja and Silica are good for after vaccinations symptoms. However, today children receive approx. 72 injections of 18 different vaccines, Thuja or Silica cannot do their job anymore, therefore CEASE, detox, drainage therapy comes.

Take care of yourself! Be kind and gentle to your body.


A child with symptoms of autism, fully vaccinated and fed on formula (a plastic bottle was warmed up in a microwave oven for several years). The child had significant improvements on homeopathic treatment, however, the greatest changes began after the detox formula, heated in a plastic bottle in the microwave!

1. There have been many hormonal drugs in your life (oral, contraceptives, spiral, hormonal creams, asthma sprays, oxytocin used in childbirth, etc.). Hormones affect the entire endocrine system, sometimes making malfunctioning changes throughout our lives.

2. You work with chemicals a lot (household chemicals, toxins) and have already begun to notice signs of poisoning (allergies, eczema, changes in taste and smell, etc.)

3. You take homeopathy but do not see improvements. The reason may be hidden in the changes that toxins have brought into your life (hormones, vaccines, medications). Conventional homeopathic remedies cannot "breakthrough" this block of toxins. Moreover, the symptoms that seem to be yours may be side effects of the medications you take.