12 Tissue Cell Salts

Schussler's 12 Tissue Salts

Cell Salts: Natural Relief for Colds, Cavities, Anxiety, Exhaustion and Fatigue
Discover the Twelve Tissue Cell Salts: Essential for Health

Have you heard about Schuessler's Twelve Tissue Remedies? They're vital in two distinct therapies—homeopathy and biochemical treatments. But what exactly are they? Are they homeopathic remedies or do they supply essential tissue nutrients? Well, they're actually both!

To homeopaths, these salts are pivotal, forming the core of homeopathic remedies. Meanwhile, biochemical practitioners view them as crucial to body chemistry. Schuessler, their originator, aimed to treat diseases with natural substances.

According to Schuessler, any disease stems from deficiencies in "physiological function remedies" within the body. Achieving health balance means attaining equilibrium across these 12 Tissue Salts:

1. Ferrum phosphoricum
2. Magnesia phosphorica
3. Calcarea phosphorica
4. Kali phosphoricum
5. Natrum phosphoricum
6. Calcarea fluorica
7. Kali chloratum
8. Natrum muriaticum
9. Kali sulphuricum
10. Natrum sulphuricum
11. Calcarea sulphurica
12. Silicea

Our blood contains both organic (sugar, fat, proteins) and inorganic elements (water, sodium, potash, calcium, etc.). Biochemistry aims to correct imbalances in these inorganic elements, which are crucial for body function and can be found in body ash.

Typically prescribed in low decimal potencies (like 6X or D6, 3X, 12X, and sometimes 30X), these remedies provide cells with assimilable forms of nutrition. Today, they're available not only in these low potencies but also in material doses, either singly or in combinations, serving as cellular nutrition.

Popular combinations include tonics (containing all 12 Tissue Salts) as well as specific formulations for conditions like constipation, asthma, nerve tonic, headaches, and eczema.

For practitioners of other therapies, the simplicity of using these twelve remedies contrasts with the complexity of choosing from thousands of homeopathic options.

Whether you're exploring homeopathy or interested in biochemical therapies, understanding these Twelve Tissue Salts opens up a world of natural health solutions.