Coffee, alcohol and mint are antidotes in homeopathy


How to keep and use homeopathic remedies
HOW TO KEEP the remedies

1. Keep homeopathy out of the sun and far away from strong odours. Tablets, perfumes, nail polish, tiger balm, mint and essential oils will antidote the homeopathic remedy. Do not open the remedy bottle if you are in the premises with strong odours.

2. Keep them away from electrical and magnetic fields (TV, microwave, X-ray, etc.)

3. Do not touch the remedies with your fingers. The best way is to use wood\plastic spoon.

4. If you drop the remedy onto the floor or clothing, do not bring them back into the bottle.

5. Do not use the empty bottle for another remedy unless you sterilize the bottles and lids.

ANTIDOTES in Homeopathy

1. The strong antidote is caffeine and caffeine products. If you drink more than 1 cup of coffee per day you are coffee addicted. As an alternative, you can investigate grain-based coffee (rye, barley) or chicory, dandelion etc. If you can not step through your addiction take the remedy at least 30 minutes after drinking coffee.

2. Camphor/camphor products (lip balms, tiger balm, mint products and aroma oils).

3. Stress/mental shocks may influence homeopathic remedies

4. Dental work may need acute remedies; therefore, you can resume chronic treatment.

5. Stimulants or alcohol intoxication can change the action of the remedy.

It is important to prevent the alteration with one dose high potency remedy.

In low potency repeated cases the cancellations are rare.

From my own experience, the remedies have worked anyway (with allopathic drug use, coffee, mint, after airplane etc.). However, it depends upon individuals, sensibility and body toxicity.

Interestingly in India, where the homeopathy is a government managed official medicine, homeopaths never advise avoiding antidotes. For example, Indian people use strong odour spices daily. However, homeopathy is successfully blooming there.