Vomiting, headache, dizzιness ...


Nursing it naturally
Physical symptoms of intoxication depend on what the alcohol was produced from.

For example, alcohol made from potatoes and grains leads to comatose intoxication, and alcohol produced from wine leads to noisy, possibly aggressive intoxication.

Beer leads to dullness of mind, heaviness of the body, to the desire for lower body pleasures.

Cider and its products produce the same effect as beer.

Absinthe - even in small doses, leads to aggression and peevishness.

Anise liqueur - leads to brain clarity

Cherry liqueur - also aniseed

Homeopathy, cell salt, bone broth and other helpful staff

HOMEOPATHY hangover remedies

  1. Nux Vomica – after ingesting too much beer/alcohol
  2. Ledum - after ingesting too much whisky
  3. Zinc- after ingesting too much wine, can be with restless leg syndrome

BACH Flower: Hornbeam or Chestnut bud

- Cell Salt: Mag Phos

OTHER helpful stuff:

  • Kombucha – keep a glass of kombucha and glass of water the night before bed after the partying. Kombucha is a powerhouse of probiotics, B vitamins, liver support and detox.
  • Bone Broth – chicken, beef. The minerals will give you a much needed boost.
  • Epsom Salt Bath – body detox.
  • Water – alcohol dehydrates the body, so take plenty of water. In casual state you need 30 ml/kg every day, in case of hangover you need more.
  • Rest, sleep, eat well the day after – the day after party not the day for crappy food. Eat greens, healthy fats and nourishing proteins.