12 Tissue Cell Salts

Schussler's 12 Tissue Salts

Cold, caries, anxiety, exhaustion .. - can be replenished with cell salts
12 Tissue Cell Salts

The Twelve Tissue Remedies are the cornerstone of two quite different therapies- homeopathy and biochemical therapeutics. A question often has been asked is "Are they homeopathic remedies or are they the suppliers of the tissue or deficiencies? Or are they both?"

To the homeopath, they are all major remedies, at the core of the homeopathic materia medica. To the biochemical practitioner, they are a major part of body chemistry. Schuessler said he wanted to try to cure the diseases ''with those substances that are natural".

According to Schuessler, any disease can be explained by the deficiency of "the physiological function remedies" in the body. To achieve health balance you need to achieve body balance in the following 12 Tissue Salts:

1. Ferrum phosphoricum
2. Magnesia phosphorica
3. Calcarea phosphorica
4. Kali phosphoricum
5. Natrum phosphoricum
6. Calcarea fluorica
7. Kali chloratum
8. Natrum muriaticum
9. Kali sulphuricum
10. Natrum sulphuricum
11. Calcarea sulphurica
12. Silicea

Our blood has organic elements (sugar, fat and proteins) and inorganic elements (water, sodium, potash, calcium, silicea, ferrum, magnesium etc). The biochemistry is targeted to give the patient all inorganic elements, which are imbalanced. You can find these elements in the body ash.

It is significant that the tissue remedies as usually prescribed in low decimal potencies (6X or D6, 3X, 12X and sometimes 30X) and repeated doses. They provide a food for a cell in a form they can assimilate. These remedies are nowadays also available in material doses, singly and combinations, as cell food.

The most popular combinations are Tonic (all 12 Tissue Salts), constipation, asthma, nerve tonic, headache, eczema etc.

One of the beauties for a practitioner of other therapies is that the use of twelve tissue remedies seems so simple compares with trying to choose between thousands of homeopathic remedies.