Pollinosis / Allergic rhinitis

Hay fever

Tissue salts to help
Schussler's salts can help you in Hay Fever

Natrium Muriaticum -

  • allergy from "supressed" symptoms
  • craving for salt (salty food)
  • the slightest stay in the sun leads to acute rhinitis (runny nose) and secretions
Kalium Phosphoricum -

Silicea -

  • irritation / itching in the nose, sneezing
  • heavy discharges
  • dry irritated throat, dry cough
  • <cold drinks, talking, lying
Magnesium Phosphoricum-

  • remedy number one to prevent "seasonal allergic attack''
  • bring a relief in frequent asthmatic attack
  • in frequent, restless, spastic breathing, especially in hot weather (take every hour during the day in warm / hot water)