Anxiety, fear, no energy...


Natural nerve tonic to use at home
Tired… stressed… depressed… fed-up, run-down…

Avena Sativa - the oat, sometimes called the common oat, oats milky seed or oat straw. It is number one remedy to sooth the brain and nervous system.

Avena Sativa is very popular as a natural alternative to pharmaceutical medicine without the dangerous side effects. Avena Sativa is used to stimulate both men and women quickly and effectively.

Avena Sativa include sedative and soothing for the brain compounds. If the woman can relax the body, her desire will increase. In men – Avena Sativa increase the healthy blood flow.

Avena Sativa has no known side effects and does not interact with other drugs, so it is safe alternative to other herbs that are used for anxiety, like Hypericum (St John's wort).

AVENA SATIVA is used for:

· system tonic, nervous exhaustion

· loss of libido, desire

· restless sleep from over excitement

· to ease withdrawal from other drugs

· exhaustion (after childbirth, breast feeding)

· after surgery pain, weakness

· attention deficit, memory problem

· numbness, tremor of hands