Stressed... can not live normal life due to headache, migraine...
Easy tips and remedy kit at home
Everyone in his life experienced a headache or migraine. Headache is a normal reaction of the body to external changes (emotional or physical). Normal - if rarely comes. Frequent headaches talk about chronic imbalance.


Traditional medicine considers headaches as a "non-serious" disease, excluding tumour, encephalitis, meningitis, cerebrovascular diseases.

Treatment is usually analgetics, nonsteroidal painkillers, acetaminophen, triptan, dopamine antagonists, anti-depressant drugs.

As a result, you can control your headache with drugs, but not cure


• Eye diseases (glaucoma, etc.). Eye strain - especially in poor light, fatigue leads to headaches.
• Sinusitis (nose problems). Pain all over face.
• Problems with teeth lead to headaches - as a rule, a headache is felt in the front (forehead, face). Tapping on the tooth gives pain in the forehead / face.
Earache can lead to headaches (otitis).
• Back injury
• Neuralgia of the face (numbness, paralysis)
• Herpes - also leads to headaches (burning sensation)


From the homeopathic point of view, it is important to find the cause of headaches. To find the relationship with other organs.

If your headache is accompanied by irritability and vision impairment, it roots to problem with liver. As a rule, this pain is triggered by oral contraceptives that change hormones.

If your headache felt "on the face" and may be accompanied by urge to vomit, probably you have stomach problems.
    • Limit/exclude tea / coffee, Coca-Cola, chocolate, alcohol, cheese, citrus, tobacco - these are headache provocateurs.
    • Drink plenty of water, fresh juices, smoothies.
    • Water with apple cider vinegar (1 tsp per cup of water + lemon juice if desired) will help restore the electrolyte balance in the body and relieve headaches
    • Attach an ice pack - reduces blood circulation in the attached area, thereby reducing pain.
    • 40 minutes of daily exercise (any including walking) helps reduce the number of headache attacks. Your body produces the hormone endorphin - which fights pain.
    • Magnesium - helps prevent headaches. It is in green vegetables, grass, nuts and cereals. Can be taken in supplements.
    • Yoga – is always best for the heart. Smooth movements are considered the best activities to help headaches.
    • Vitamin B2 (riboflavin) fish, white meat.
    • Butterbur is a herb. It helps to reduce the number of attacks
      Headaches with homeopathic first aid kit