Schuessler Cell Salts as a first aid in ear infection

Ear infection and Cell Salts

Ferrum Phosphoricum, Kali Muriaticum, Natrium Muriaticum
Do you know that in the recent past a child's otitis considered something unusual and very rare? Now ... even traditional medicine already recognizes that the frequent use of antibiotics (remember, "anti" - against, "bio" - life), the growth of resistance to them, led to an increase in the incidence.

Chinese medicine tells us that the ears are related to the kidneys from an energetic point of view. Many ear diseases in Chinese medicine are treated through the kidneys, and if the kidneys function normally, then the ears can hear perfectly.

Bad hearing in old age is due to the deteriorating energy of the kidneys (they age). Aging is a normal process, especially if it happens on time.

Let's start with the Schuessler cell salts.

The homeopath chooses the remedy based on the description of the symptoms of ear pain and other symptoms of the disease: temperature, thirst, etc. Properly selected remedy brings relief within an hour.

Attention (!), if you have already given ibuprofen to a child, this does not mean that you do not need to use homeopathy or it will not work. Homeopathy will work; but you will not be able to collect the symptoms accurately, because partially they will disappear due to the action of the anaesthetic.

Cell salts for ear infection

The most famous among the salts for the relief of an earache are Ferrum Phosphoricum and Kali Muriaticum.

Ferrum Phosphoricum- "all-mighty" salt, always has to be at hand. Recently the patient said to me, "You know, I always give Ferr Phos cell salt at the first sign of a cold. Moreover, to the dog too ... if he sneezes or coughs "...
• you can hear the pulse in the ears, you can count the heartbeat because ears feel every beat
• sensitive to the sounds
• feel the pain that spreads throughout the body (especially in the ears). The pain is not limited to one organ; it is not localized in one place.
• you have a red, inflamed ear, but without discharge (inflammation of the middle ear)
• ear pains after walking in the cold, wind

Kali Muriaticum
• tongue with white/grey bloom, swollen throat
• cracking in the ears on swallowing
• deafness with the red outer ear.
• sharp ear pain while blowing
• white discharge from the ear, dermatitis of the outer and inner ear

Kali Muriaticum stops the spread of suppuration, a feeling of ear congestion, "peeling" (dermatitis) of the outer ear, accelerates recovery.

Natrium Muriaticum
• inflamed eardrum (swollen)
• the sense of "water" in the ears
• roar in the ears
• tongue covered with bubbles, saliva
• feeling that inside the ear "burns"
• chewing pain in ears.

Have you ever wondered why the cell salts Sodium and Potassium are the first helpers for ear pain?