Ear infection

Earache: 3 best remedies

Belladonna, Chamomile and Pulsatilla are a first aid in the ear infection
From the previous article:

• There is a strong connection (Chinese Medicine) between ears - kidneys - water; < 5-7 p.m.
Schussler Tissue Cell Salts is a first aid in ear infection
• children are more susceptible to otitis after vaccination and antibiotic courses

Today, 3 main homeopathic remedies from the first-aid kit for ear infection:

1. Chamomilla
• Acute otitis, especially in infants and toddlers.
• <from touching (hates to be examined or touched), from 9 to 10 pm or 9-10 a.m. Cold wind.
• >warm wrapping, motion
• One cheek is red and hot, the other is pale and cold
• Moody, irritable child

2. Pulsatilla
• Used in both acute and chronic ear infection.
• Begins with a cold, that develops into otitis media
• Pulse in the ears, pain can spread to the face and teeth
• < from heat, at night, after washing the nose
• > open or cool air. Motion or gentle walking
• Weepy needs affection and caresses and wants to be carried slowly and tenderly.
• Thirstless.

3. Belladonna
• Sudden onset of unbearable ear pain.
• Throbbing pain (especially in the right ear)
• < 3 p.m., lying down. A child may scream with pain after midnight.
• warm wraps
• The external ear is red, the eardrum is often damaged, red, pulsating
• Hot, flushed face, but cold hands and feet. Thirstless.


1. The child suddenly dimmed at night. Red cheeks, severe ear pain. The doctor (of traditional medicine) said: he needs a puncture of the eardrum. However, the mother begged to wait for 24 hours and took the child home. At home, she immediately starts giving the homeopathic remedy in water, every 30 minutes. The next day, during the examination, the doctor asked: "Are you sure that you brought the same child whom I examined yesterday?" The doctor called an assistant, and the two of them talked about the miracle because the inflammation of the middle ear passed without surgery.

What remedy do you think mom gave?

2. A small boy, thin, pale, demanded attention. Middle ear inflammation, pain. He complained that in addition to his ears, his teeth hurt. A 3-time intake of a homeopathic remedy stopped the pain within 24 hours. Subsequently, over 3 years, the ear pain periodically returned after wet feet. Taking the same homeopathic remedy has always helped

What remedy was it?

3. Boy 1-year-old, new teeth come out, drooling, I don't like anything. Wants to be worn on handles. One cheek is red, the other is pale. Inflammation of the middle ear.

Which remedy will help?

Answers: Belladonna, Pulsatilla, Chamomile.
(based on the book by D. Shepherd)