Herbs, oils and homeopathy

Ear infection

First aid in ear infection

The ears are our organs of hearing and balance. Ear infections are the most common reason that parents seek medical care for their children. Parents can often treat their child's earache at home with common homeopathic remedies.

- physical trauma,
- emotional factors (grief, fear etc.),
- environmental and climatic factors (like exposure to wind),
- susceptibility from a miasmatic perspective,
- toxicity (vaccinations, abuse of antibiotics, dietary factors).

According to Chinese Medicine, the Ears are the opening for the kidneys. Chinese Medicine treats many hearing problems through kidneys. If kidneys are harmonized, everything is fine with ears. Poor hearing in old age is often due to weak kidney energy. Aging is normal process and need not be seen as an illness or a problem.
The kidneys store source of life and the root of energy Chi. The kidneys rule water or fluids in the body and have a special relationship with the other organs.
Kidneys emotionally linked to hurt, irritation, anger, difficulty in letting go of emotions.
The Bladder energy passes through the bladder between 3:00-5:00 p.m. and the Kidneys between 5:00-7:00 p.m. If the bladder and kidney are not functioning properly, we may find this is a major aggravation time for ear symptoms.

The only solution that suggest the traditional medicine are antibiotics, decongestants and corticosteroids.
Anti = against, biotic = life. Therefore, it is against life.
From my personal experience after antibiotic, the earache comes back in 2-4 weeks, and you will look for a treatment again.

Effective Solutions for Ear Infections!

Earaches can be successfully treat by homeopathy. In most cases, there is no need in antibiotic. Generally, homeopathy thinks that children are more susceptible to ear infection after antibiotic and vaccination.


ACONITE 30C - earache and inflammation of ear, worse at night, severe pain. The external ear is hot and red, the temperature and pulse are very high, respiration hurried, with burning skin and thirst.

BELLADONNA 30C – Acute otitis media, sharp pain in and around ears. Earache with boring and screwing in ears, violent tearing pains spread from external ear backward and forward whole side of face. Red and hot face. Pupils are enlarged. Headache.

CALCAREA CARBONICA 30C – Painful inflammatory swelling of parotids, corrosive nasal discharge. Obstinate child.

CHAMOMILLA 30C – unbearable pains extending to the lobe of the ears. Extreme sensitivity to pain, suspicious, vexed, and easily angered.

HEPAR SULPHUR 30C – yellow thick, cheesy odor. From dry cold wind, sudden onset. Hypersensitivity of nerves, chilly, screaming and kicking (touch, cold, night, draft, uncovering, pain, cold) heat, damp, weather.
If you think, in the above list there are no remedies that fit you, please look for the homeopathic consultation.

Herbal Treatments for Ear Infections

One must remember that many middle ear infections start in the throat and spread via the Eustachian tubes so it is important to use herbs, which support the immune system.

Alfalfa – is a good source of chlorophyll, which has detoxifying properties. It also supplies essential vitamins and minerals.

Baptisia is an antimicrobial and anti-catarrhal herb. It is especially useful for treating infections of the ears nose and throat

Echinacea acts as a natural antibiotic, purifying the lymphatic system and the blood. It is also an immune stimulant.

Use oils for acute ear infections:
warm any of the below oils first by placing bottle with oil in a mug of hot water. Before using it make sure it is not too hot.
Mullen oil (Verbascum): put a couple of drops into the painful ear and plug it with some cotton wool.
Almond oil: Use as above.
Castor oil: Use as above.
Neem oil: use as above.