Extraction, toothache, surgery...
Homeopathy can save your teeth.

Toothache - according to Chinese medicine, this is an extension of bones. You have to look deeper if your teeth problems come over the time. Arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, gout, osteoarthritis may come along with the tooth problem.


If you (your child) are going to visit the dentist - you can take Arnica 30C or Aconite 30C on the day before. The remedies will help alleviate the pain during the treatment (Arnica 30C), calm the nerves (Aconite 30C).

Arnica reduces pain and bleeding, pain in the gums and soft tissues of the oral cavity and prevents the development of infection.


If you have any teeth surgery (extraction, cleaning treatment), then: BEFORE and AFTER the intervention - Arnica 30C. Repeat as necessary, usually a day before and within 1-3 days after. Gelzemium 30C is good to take BEFORE intervention - for comfort, if the patient is trembling with fear with diarrhea.


Take one dose of Phosphorus 30C, after anesthesia and other painkillers. If you know in advance you can take one dose the day before. Chamomilla 30C - prevents the drug over-stimulation effects - rapid heartbeat, weakness in the legs. Some people may show the above symptoms after anaesthesia.


Severe sharp pain, at night, especially with abscesses, caries. Better from heat. This is Hepar Sulphur 30C. Hepar – is also called homeopathic antibiotic, because it can ease any pain. Pain caused by damage to the nerve - a sharp pain as if struck by an electric discharge - Hypericum 30C. Deep aching pain that occurs when the periosteum is damaged (a thin layer between the gum and bone) - Ruta 30C. Unbearable pain, irritable children. Worse at night, from the cold air. This is Chamomilla 30C. The number one remedy for teething.


is a collection of pus that has built up within the tissue of the body. It will not cure by itself. Dentist advises to extract the abscessed tooth in 99% cases and to take a course of antibiotic after.

From the first-aid kit at hand you can choose one of the treatment below:

- Silicea and Hepar Sulphur 30C, alternating.
-Hekla Lava 30C - if an abscess is in the lower jaw.
- Calcarea Sulphurica 6X or 12X - in tissue salts. After opening the abscess, keep going with the Calcarea sulphurica in tissue salts up to 1 month. The abscess may appear somewhere else, therefore it is reasonable to give time to your body to cure.
Child, 3 y.o., has the abscessed teeth, starting from 1.4 y.o. (the time when he received the first four vaccines). Before they visited the homeopath, he had 2 teeth extractions in 2 weeks- due to an abscess. A new came out. The dentist advised extraction. The boy was prescribed Calcarea Sulphurica. The abscess was gone in 2 weeks. Meanwhile Calcarea Sulphurica was prescribed for a month. The new abscesses came and went out on Calcarea Sulphurica. The tooth (and not only one) was saved. Now the child is 6 years old, due to detox of vaccines, continuous homeopathic treatment, visits to the dentist were reduced to 1 time in 6 months (previously it was 1 time per month).