You don't know what to expect? Do you need a consultation?
Homeopathic consultation
What to expect from a consultation
It's a memo for those who are doubting with a question ''What to expect from homeopathic consultation".

Traditional medicine has made us lazy. We come to the doctor, they give us a pill and instruction. Often patients come to a homeopath and wait for a similar treatment. It does not work with homeopathy. If the patient is interested in homeopathy, the treatment will be easy and productive.

For the majority, the first visit turns out to be surprisingly long, and the questions asked by the homeopath are much wider than the complaints described by the patient. I would like to pay attention; the result of treatment depends upon your answers on the ''strange'' questions.

The list of questions asked by a homeopath can vary and depends on the homeopath. Like in an "acute case" (i.e., the disease has a short period of course — cough, bruising, diarrhoea, otitis, etc.), the consultation will be shorter. In chronic, for example, arthritis, infertility, asthma - the consultation will be longer, due to the wider variety of questions which homeopath may ask you

In acute cases, a homeopath may ask about:

Localization - where does it hurt?

Feelings - what do you feel when it hurts? What does it look like?

The reason - when did the symptoms start? What happened before that, what events in life, stress?

Modalities - Better? Worse?

Related symptoms or symptoms that appear during the illness.

At first glance it seems complicated. In fact, everything is very simple.

For an example, if you come with "a headache" and say simple phrase "I have a headache". It means nothing to a homeopath. Almost everyone has a headache occasionally. A homeopath must hear the description of a pain. The ideal answer should be something like this: A headache in the temples as somebody drill and screw in my head. I feel better when I go out into the fresh air. The pain increases with noise and stuffiness. A headache is always accompanied by nausea. It seems to me that a headache arose after my transition to a new job, to a new team - after severe flu, after a break with a close friend, etc.

Therefore, before talking with a homeopath, look at your illness and your feelings to describe them.

For chronic diseases, the list of questions will be the same as for acute plus more questions will be asked, including questions on the history of all your diseases and diseases of your parents or grandparents

So, remember to ask your parents what disease you had had, as a child. What diseases parents, grandparents, and grandmothers had had.

Helping your homeopath you will help yourself, as a result, you will save your time and will receive a perfect treatment.

Take care!