Anxiety, fear, emptiness...

Depression, panic attacks

You may help yourself with homeopathic remedy kit
Depression is a persistent feeling of sadness, loss of interest, anxiety, emptiness, hopelessness, guilt and irritation. Sometimes there are problems with concentration or memory. It is difficult to make decisions. No energy for anything.

Panic attack – a sudden surge of overwhelming anxiety and fear

You are in a "cycle": anxious thoughts and feelings lead to the release of adrenaline. Adrenaline intensifies anxiety which causes a panic attack and intensifies anxiety thoughts. Homeopathy may help to stop the above cycle.

Homeopathy for depression

You can use below remedies from homeopathic medicine kit at home:

1. Aconite - sudden, rapid panic attacks, leading to paralysis, convulsions. Unreasonable fear of death and crowd. Worried, that never will recover. Thirst. Intolerable pain (sensations of knives inside). Worse at night.

2. Arsenicum Album - fear of death, bankruptcy and hunger. Despair never recover, anxiety (constantly changing place), fatigue, suicidal thoughts, suspicion and irritability. Quick and frequent breath. Pain is like burning fire inside, hot needles. Headache, pain in the digestive tract, body pain - everything burns. Thirst. Epilepsy. Do not let go the doctor, nurse or mother: "Do not go." The body is cold, the head is hot.

3. Ignatia - sensitive people, easily excitable. "Lump" in the throat. Paralysis after emotional stress. Crying and laughing. Unhappy love. The desire to be alone.

Indian homeopath Banerjee recommends Ignatia 200C – 2 times per day, in order to avoid depression.
Parents of "special children" are often on the edge of depression.

Sometimes, simple rules help you look at yourself:

  • If there are no resources to go further. Stop. Look around. Do not overestimate yourself. "Go with the flow".
  • Do not blame yourself. Today you have done all that is possible. No need to take responsibility for everything.
  • Save power. No need to go where a lot of resources are required for recovery. Close the phone (laptop, tablet). You may be sensitive to any comment now, especially online.
  • To restart, sometimes you need to relax! Lay on the couch, walk, eat – do simple things.
  • Do not overestimate yourself. You may be very fragile.