Your Home First Aid Guide

Homeopathic remedy kit

Cold, fever, cough, travel, pregnancy, labour and childbirth, accident and emergency.
Discover the timeless healing power of homeopathy, a gentle yet effective medical practice with roots spanning over 200 years and embraced worldwide alongside traditional medicine.

Imagine a natural first-aid solution always within reach—the Homeopathic First-Aid Kit, your companion in any situation. Easy to use and without side effects, it empowers you to manage everyday health concerns confidently.

Curious about its potential?

Explore the Basic 18 or Basic 36 Kit from Helios, London’s oldest homeopathic pharmacy, each containing essential remedies in potent 30C. These remedies cover a spectrum of conditions, from everyday ailments to acute injuries, offering holistic relief.

The most frequent use of 30 remedies in your basic homeopathic remedy kit at home.
*Please be careful the homeopathic kit does not replace the homeopathic consultation.

1. Arsenicum Album 30C - poisoning. Everyone, at least once in his life, experienced: weakness, nausea, vomiting, sharp pains in the abdomen, diarrhoea, dizziness. Watery discharge (from the nose. It is good at the beginning of the disease.

2. Aconitum napellus 30C- Anxiety, fear of death, severe tachycardia, fever with chills and without sweating (dry heat), severe pain and pain in the limbs. Ideal in the initial phase of an acute illness with a high temperature before sweat appears.

3. Allium cepa 30C- Strong runny nose, corrosive to the skin around the nose, especially in combination with the ear infection.

4. Apis mellifica 30C- Oedema of any origin (bites, allergies, etc.). Great nervous anxiety. A person feels better from the cold. Allergic skin, urticaria with severe swelling and itching.

5. Arnica montana 30C- The number one remedy for physical injuries. Injuries and their consequences with tissue damage and bleeding with a severe headache and fatigue. Headaches after traumatic brain injury, fear, and anxiety after injury.

6. Belladonna 30C- Inflammation of any kind, neuralgia, migraine, redness of the skin and mucous membranes, sweating after fever, sore throat with severe redness of the throat, burning in the throat, stitching and burning pain, especially on the right side.

7. Bryonia Alba 30C- Bronchitis, stitching pains in the chest, dry mucous membranes, swelling in the joints, stiffness.

8. Calcarea Carbonica 30C - Weak children. Constipation, teething, running nose with severe swelling and polyps in the nose, swollen lymph nodes, and tonsils, poor sleep with screams and moans, crumbling bad teeth, impaired skeletal formation. The main remedy for children under 4 years.

9. Calcarea Phosphorica 30C- Poor appetite, weakness in childhood and adolescence, irritability, headaches in children after school. Fatigue. The main remedy for children from 5-14 years.

10. Cantharis 30C- Any acute inflammation of the urogenital tract (acute cystitis, pyelonephritis) with burning and difficulty in urinating, any burning severe pain, acute blistering of the skin with burning sensation. One of the first remedy for burns.

11. Chamomilla 30C- Teething in infants, colic, pain around the navel with bloating, diarrhoea, spastic pain in the abdomen during menstruation, inflammation of the liver with pain and fever.

12. China 30C - diarrhoea with fever, bleeding from the intestines (blood in the stool), bloating.

13. Cocculus 30- Sea sickness in transport, nausea, headaches, the consequences of lack of sleep in the form of weakness and dizziness.

14. Coffea Cruda 30C - Insomnia, irritable anxiety, cannot sleep from over-stimulation of the nervous system, toothache, which is relieved by cold. It helps with the consequences of the abuse of tobacco, alcohol, coffee, with a strong heartbeat, tachycardia, and pulsation in the head.

15. Colocynthis 30C - Spasms of the biliary tract with severe pain in the back.

16. Gelsemium 30C - Viral infections, the effects of flu in the form of circulatory disorders, paralysis of the bladder with urinary incontinence, the consequences of strong fear and arousal.

17. Nux Vomica 30C - Number one during holidays. Dyspepsia (diarrhoea) after the abuse of coffee, alcohol, food, medications, hangover, stomach pain, combined with a headache, cramps, and colic. The effects of mental stress, especially in the morning.

18. Hepar sulphur 30C - "Homeopathic antibiotic and pain reliever." Any inflammation with purulent secretions. Eye inflammation with pus, laryngitis, tracheitis, bronchitis.

19. Ignatia amara 30C - Hysteria, mood swings, the consequences of grief, fright, a feeling of "coma" in the throat, a strong resentment, severe mental disorders.

20. Ipecacuanha 30C -Bronchitis with vomiting, vomiting from a cough, irritation of the stomach with vomiting and from improper feeding, vomiting with blood, skin itch without rash.

21. Ledum palustre 30C- The number one remedy for insect bites, the consequences of alcohol abuse.

22. Lycopodium clavatum 30C - Liver disease with toxic nature, after poisoning by alcohol, drugs, food, weakness of enzymes with bloating and chronic indigestion, constipation.

23. Natrium Muriaticum 30C - Anemia. Fainting in anaemic children, periods in girls. Depressive states in young people. Also, one of the first remedy for colds (especially on the lips), dry skin, closed persistent person.

24. Pulsatilla 30C- changing mood and symptoms. Need support. Shy, indecisive children. Nasal discharge varying: transparent, yellow, green. Desires fresh air. Depressed weak women.

25. Rhus toxicodendron 30C - The number one for stretching, pain in the ligaments, tendons, the effects of dampness. A cough after swimming in cold water. Better from warm, heat.

26. Sabadilla officinalis 30C - Hay fever, allergic conjunctivitis irritation of the mucous membranes with a caustic and burning secret.

27. Sepia 30C - Female medicine for hormonal disorders. Climax. The main tool for women in menopause with characteristic symptoms.

28. Silicea 30C- The number one tool for splinters, or other foreign objects in the body. Consequences of connective tissue and bone suppuration.

29. Spongia 30C - Strong dry, spasmodic cough, paroxysmal, appearing immediately when lying down. Difficult breathing with the sensation of an obstruction in the throat, goiter with a feeling of squeezing of the throat. Better from food and drink.

30. Sulphur 30C - Skin diseases, worse at night. Any burning pain. The main drainage means. Dry night cough

31. Thuja 30C- Consequences of genital infections and vaccination. Hypothyroidism. Worse from cold and damp. Better from heat.

The above homeopathic remedies will help you in the acute situation and improve your well-being. Remedies should be taken in 2-3 granules, under the tongue, before complete dissolution, 30 minutes before or after the meal. In an acute condition, the remedy is taken every 30 minutes for 6 hours (maximum) or until the improvement. How to keep remedies and do not antidote it here.

If the symptoms return, you can take the remedy - once a day for 10-14 days, until the symptoms are completely relieved.

In case of serious injuries, loss of consciousness, bleeding - you need to consult a doctor. However, on the way to the doctor, you can give a homeopathic remedy which suits the patient according to the symptoms. It helps improve the patient's condition and avoid complications.