Braces, aligners, caps, retainers

Dental braces

how to reduce the pain
Braces, aligners, caps, retainers — regardless of the form you chose, it is a trauma for the body. Trauma on the physical level.

My 13 year old son wore braces for 1.5 years, and I was skeptical about his "moaning and howling". Wearing braces myself at 39 years old (do you know that our bones keep to change every 7 years, so it's never too late for start! ) I was able to understand the degree of pain.

Traditional medicine

Traditional medicine has the only solution to ease your pain – to use pain killer drugs. They are non steroidal anti inflammatory drugs like ibuprofen, paracetamol, acetaminophen. The above drugs bring toxins into your body. Moreover they give an extra weight to the liver, kidney and cardio system

HOMEOPATHY – what you can do at home

  1. Arnica Montana – start to take the day before, take it on the day, and the day after the visit to the orthodontist.
  2. Hypericum – helps with spasms of the jaw, shooting nervous pain. Hypericum is an Arnica for nerves
  3. Calendula (mother tincture or herbal tincture) - dissolve a few drops (from 1-10) in a glass of water and rinse out your mouth. It is an antiseptic, relieves pain, heals wounds and is very good for gum health.
  4. Magnesia Phosphoric 6X -tissue salt, relieve pain, relieve spasms of the jaw. Diet is very important in the first days. Eat grated, soft, broths. Apply cold, ice outside – it releases the pain.


If you are assigned to do an Х-ray before or during treatment - the homeopathic drug X-ray 30C - will help you to ease the side-effects.

In addition, the constitutional treatment is the best way to support the body in the balance and help to keep the result achieved by braces.