Amalgam filling
Filling, drilling and billing...

Dentistry facts

1. If you have caries, the "infected" part of the tooth is removed (drilled), then a filling made of synthetic materials is put.

2. Tooth drill (drill) makes 350,000 rotations per minute. Friction and an increase in temperature in the nerve channels lead to irreversible changes in 60% of cases.

3. In 1800 Dentists used gold as a filler. However, not everyone could afford gold fillings (today 1 gold filling would cost $ 10,000).

4. In the 1830s. The Crawcour brothers offered Bells putty (a mix of silver and mercury). 2 minutes required for the installation of Bells putty, without drilling. Easy to install, cheap to buy (in comparison with the gold) and quality of mercury fillings showed high efficiency.

5. Today mercury fillings are an alloy of metals: mercury (liquid form), silver, copper and tin. The mercury part is 50%, it works as a glue with other metals.

6. More than 250 symptoms of mercury poisoning in the case of mercury fillings are indicated in the literature:

  • Mercury filling contains 1000 mg of mercury (for example, the mercury light bulb 22 mg). While installing millions of mercury parts are spread throughout the mouth, stimulating the immune system to respond.
  • Mercury vapors getting into the lungs, carry irreversible changes in the human body (the brain and kidneys are the first to suffer). For example, fish contains methyl mercury, this is a type of organic mercury.
  • Tooth discoloration (darkening). Small children (up to 6 years), pregnant women are first of all sensitive to mercury vapor. Not a single study has been carried out on the connection of mercury fillings: in pregnant women and their children born with pathologies; in children under 6 years of age who are breastfed from mothers with mercury fillings.
  • Alzheimer, sclerosis, parkinson, lupus, some forms of arthritis - all have one in common - mercury poisoning.

    7. In 1845 (!) The American Dentist Society banned mercury fillings, due to the danger to health.

    8. In 1896 Dr. Black, a dentist, changes the composition of mercury fillings (making it more "safe") and suggests to drill a larger part (not just an infected one) of a tooth for preventive purposes. This technique is ideal for mercury fillings. It is widely used today. The consequence of this technique is irreparable damage to the structure of the tooth.

    9. No one checks your body for compatibility with the filling. Elements of modern fillings may contain biphenol, plastic, glue.

    10. Business model of modern dentistry: drilling, filling and billing. The more work is done in the first two stages, the higher price will be in the third.
  • Homeopathy works with heavy metal poisoning
  • Preparations are selected individually
  • Besides the classical method, there are others: detox, organ support, etc.
    The homeopath will select the method that is suitable for you now
  • In the acute case, the remedy is selected according to the symptoms at the consultation

    -Nux Vomica - poisoning, stimulants, medications
    -Arsenicum -pesticides, food poisoning
    -Sulfur-formaldehyde, mercury
    -Hepar Sulfur - mercury, paralysis
    -Cadmium Sulfuricum - microwaves, radiation
    -Radium Bromatum-microwaves, radiation